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Make Farm to School Happen!

Farmers benefit. Students benefit.  Communities benefit.  Farm to School is such a no-brainer.  We’re going to make it happen in Wisconsin, and we’re going to do it with red packets.  (Watch the video…it will make sense.)

Michael Fields and a slew of partners just kicked off Make Farm to School Happen, a campaign to make Farm to School programs available to every school in Wisconsin.
If you’re passionate about Farm to School, here’s what you can do:

You can help by doing three things:

1.      Sign-up for the listserv at http://makefarm2schoolhappen.org/

2.      Sign-up others! (see the video!)

3.      Share this message

The person who signs up the most people to the listserv before Dec 16 will win an iPad.

Excited? You should be!

The listserv will get everyone connected to show our power as a movement and give people two concrete ways to take action to support farm to school each month.

To help you sign people up we have created Make Farm to School Happen Kits.  Check them out in this video and then email Christy for one.  Info about how to win the iPad is in the kits.

We need your help to Make Farm to School Happen in Wisconsin!