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MFAI Tells State: “Investing in Soil Health Can Help Farmers and Save State Money”

In late July, Michael Fields sent a letter to the Wisconsin Governor’s Task Force on Climate Change to express our years of experience and a range of actions that the Institute recommends the State take to both mitigate and help farmers adapt to the severe impacts of climate change on agriculture. Ranging from programs to stimulate markets for small grains like oats, wheat, barley and rye, to reduced crop insurance payments to encourage farmers for planting cover crops, to processing plants to support grass-based agriculture and other climate-friendly farming practices, the letter sketches research, outreach, marketing, conservation and infrastructure approaches.

“Advancing such practices in Wisconsin will require state investments,” wrote Margaret Krome, MFAI’s Policy Director, “but will pay back in greater farmer financial resilience in the face of extreme weather and market volatility. The greater water infiltration associated with these practices will also reduce taxpayer costs to repair roads, bridges, and culverts otherwise subject to major damage during extreme rain events.”

“Climate change is an ongoing crisis to which Wisconsin must respond strategically and with appropriate policies and funding to support a just, resilient, and sustainable agriculture system.”