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At the intersection of food, soil, climate, farming and water.


Our board and staff are deeply committed to sustainable agriculture, but it is through our many collaborations that we have the most reach. We also focus on fostering the next generation of sustainable agriculture proponents, and our interns and alumni have gone on to work in sustainable agriculture in diverse ways.

We are based in East Troy, Wisconsin, but our work affects the state, the country, and beyond. Our goal is to reach out to all types of farmers whether they consider themselves conventional, organic, or biodynamic.

  • Our Research Program studies Cover Crops and Soil and Water Quality.
  • Our Corn Breeding program uses classic plant breeding and modern screening methods to produce plants that perform highly, can be used in organic systems and have protein and amino acid levels.
  • Our Farm and Food Education program trains new and existing farmers in all aspects of sustainable agriculture.
  • Our Garden Student Program trains interns from around the world in farming skills and business planning.
  • Our Integrated Farming Systems program researches and demonstrates the benefits of diversified agricultural systems.
  • Our Public Policy program engages grassroots support for sustainable agriculture while helping farmers and others take full advantage of sustainable agriculture programs.
  • The next 10 or 20 years will bring a huge shift in who owns and who manages farmland. Our programs are working to facilitate this Land Transition for the betterment of farmers, consumers and the environment.

You can join us in our work by receiving our updates and action alerts, and you can support our work by making a donation. Together we can help create a sustainable future!