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Starting Your Own Seeds at Home Workshop

Virtual workshop, Saturday, March 20, 2021, 2 pm – 3:30 pm, $25/person. With registration, participants will be mailed seed packets to get started.

REGISTER HERE (http://bit.ly/2Y3Ja80). Pre-registration is required.

There are many benefits to starting your own seeds at home, including increased plant variety, lower cost per plant, and lower risk of bringing disease into your garden. It just take a small setup and dedicated space in your home in late winter/early spring. After an initial small investment in lights, heating pads, and planter trays, you can use this equipment year after year and reduce costs from $2/plant to $0.25/ plant for tomato and peppers, for example. Additionally, you will be able to cultivate a full array of heirloom tomatoes, quirky pepper types (chocolate habaneros, anyone?), lemony cucumbers, and other fun vegetable varietals from your favorite seed company. In this workshop, participants will learn about seed starting techniques, different planting media, what lights and other equipment helps produce the strongest starts, and how to successfully transition plants from inside to the garden.

Nicole Tautges, PhD, has 10 years of experience in field crop production and has been starting seeds at home since early college days at UW Madison, when she built a seed starting setup next to a small window in the loft of her college apartment building. She has since expanded her seed starting infrastructure and is experienced in starting a variety of plants at home, with a variety of equipment resources, from small-seeded herbs like thyme to needy starts like peppers. Nicole is eager to help other people expand their gardening variety through this seed starting workshop.

For questions, please contact Nicole Tautges, ntautges@michaelfields.org, or 262-642-3303, ext. 127.