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Wisconsin Cover Crop and Soil Health Research Webinar Series

01-31-2018 12:00 pm - 01-31-2018 1:00 pm

This FREE webinar series will highlight the latest Wisconsin research on cover crops and soil health. The series will be 6 weeks long, every Wednesday from 12pm-1pm (except for the week of February 7 – that webinar will be 12pm-1:30pm). Connection information for the webinar will be provided upon registration available here

Week 1 – January 17:
Reducing Erosion and Improving Water Infiltration with Cover Crops and No-till
Laura Ward Good, UW-Madison Soil Science
Francisco Arriaga, UW-Madison Soil Science

Week 2 – January 24: Cover Crops after Corn Silage
Heidi Johnson, Dane County UWEX
Kevin Shelley, UW- Nutrient and Pest Management Program

Week 3 – January 31: Cover Crops after Wheat
Jim Stute, Michael Fields Agricultural Institute
Mike Ballweg, Sheboygan County UWEX

Week 4 – February 7: Grazing Cover Crops and Using Cover Crops as a harvested Forage
(please note longer webinar 12pm- 1:30pm)
Gene Schreifer, Iowa County UWEX
Jason Cavidini, Marshfield Agricultural Research Station
Wayne Coblentz, USDA Dairy Forage Research

Week 5 – February 14: Interseeding and Overseeding Cover Crops
into Standing Crops and Spring Seeding of Cover Crops
Dan Smith, UW- Nutrient and Pest Management Program
Brian Briski, Natural Resource Conservation Service
Heidi Johnson, Dane County UWEX

Week 6 – February 21: Soil Health
Jamie Patton – UW-Nutrient and Pest Management Program
Matt Ruark – UW Madison Soil Science