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Michael Fields Participates in 2014 Nelson Institute Earth Day Conference

MFAI Policy Program staff attended the April 22nd Earth Day event at the Monona Terrace in Madison, WI. The event, hosted by the UW-Madison Nelson Institute, was aptly titled “Earth: To Be Determined – Economy, Ecology, and Justice in a Rapidly Changing World” and focused heavily on the environmental effects – both negative and potentially positive — of modern society.

The overarching theme of the conference was how we, as a species, must adapt our lifestyles and policies to accommodate 9 billion people in the impending future of the Anthropocene Period, a time debated to begin anywhere from the introduction of agriculture to the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution. There was a particular emphasis on what we, as Wisconsinites, could do to address issues in the Anthropocene, with breakout sessions covering everything from creating more livable cities and sustainability in the private sector to local food purchasing at the institutional level to innovations in watershed management.

To see a media-filled timeline of the event check out the Storify page that the Nelson Institute created for the Earth Day Conference —