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Michael Fields will join researchers in Cuba!

In collaboration with Witness for Peace, Crop & Soil Researcher Allison Pratt-Szeliga will join a delegation of Sustainable Agriculture researchers in Cuba.

In Cuba, 80% of fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, and medicinal plants are consumed locally by urban residents.  In 2006, Cuba was designated by the World Wildlife Fund as the only “sustainably developed” country in the world. If everyone on Earth followed Cuba’s example, we would only need the resources of one planet to sustain our population indefinitely–as compared to the 4.1 planets we’d need if everyone lived like we do in the U.S. What is Cuba doing differently to ensure the long-term health of their land and people?

On this sustainable agriculture research delegation we will learn about Cuba’s transition from conventional farming to low-input sustainable agriculture through visiting organic urban gardens, small and large farms, sugar mills, schools, and more. Delegates will meet with urban and rural residents to learn techniques and ideas that can be brought back to the United States and shared with our communities, in order to learn how to create a more sustainable future worldwide. The delegation will meet in Cuba from April 17th to April 27th 2013.

In-Kind Donations Accepted

Since the embargo many times limits Cuban’s access to health and education supplies, delegates are able to bring donations to the Martin Luther King Center in Havana for redistribution.  A list of suggested donations follows. There will be a drop off box at Michael Fields Agricultural Institute.  All donations must be received by Tuesday, April 16th 2013.


School Items: Medical Items:
Pencils Soap
Notebooks Aspirin, acetaminophen, and other pain pills
Ink pens Anti-inflammatories: Ibuprofen 200, 400 600 mg
Crayons Antibiotics (pills, creams and ointments)
Markers Allergy medication (Benadryl etc.)
Glue Parasite Control (For Giardia mainly)
Colored paper Antifungal cream
  Ear drops (pain relievers)
  Vitamins B1, B6 and B12
  Omega 3 vitamin supplements
  Nasal decongestants