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Mike Noltnerwyss

Primrose Community Farm

Primrose Community Farm is in its fifth season of existence and things are better then ever.  This season we will be packing 200 shares per week for our CSA and also sell to local restaurants in Madison and have a devoted Saturday farmer’s market clientele.  We have very much mimicked the growing setup that was in place at Michael Fields Agricultural Institute the two seasons that I spent there (2002-3).  We have found a way to manage our farm profitably and we are making a good living off of 12 acres of cultivated vegetable ground.  We have mechanized many aspects of our farm based on my experience with equipment at Michael Fields and this has resulted in us being able to grow larger while not increasing our labor needs all too much.  My wife Cassie and I run the farm along with the help of two full time employees and 15 worker shares.  One of the best tools I learned at Michael Fields was how to manage a profitable farmer’s market stand.  This was such a useful experience as we have been building up our farmer’s market clientele for the past five seasons and it has really paid off.  Our production techniques have been getting better every year as we have seen increased quality and yields with most of the veggies we produce.  My wife and I have been able to purchase our own farm and are planning on moving our operation there in the coming years.   We are also expecting our first child to be born this September at the peak of the harvest season!