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New Association Being Formed in East Troy to Support Local Agriculture

Michael Fields partners with several organizations to manage land and programs to promote our mutual goals. The Greater East Troy Food and Farm Association grew out of a desire by four of these organizations (Michael Fields Agricultural Institute, the Yggdrasil Land Foundation, the Biodynamic Association and RSF Social Finance) to bring together a combination of resources to economically and ecologically maintain several tracts of land in the area of East Troy, Wisconsin. Michael Fields Agricultural Institute, along with the other organizations, have agreed to collaboratively shape and realize a vision for these lands. All are in agreement that healthy fertile farmlands that are continually being improved through sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices, such as crop rotations, cover crops, closed loop fertility management, etc. act as both an example and a unifying fabric for the local community. Through this association, the organizations will support a diversity of livestock management practices, a variety of farm crops and value-added businesses and work to build local, regional and national markets