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Nicole Tautges, PhD

Nicole grew up in Southeastern WI and consequently loves dairy cropping systems and forages. She double-majored in Agronomy and Spanish at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and completed her PhD in Crop Science at Washington State University, where she investigated agronomic and soil fertility management in dryland organic wheat-based systems. She spent a year at the University of Minnesota, working on Kernza nutrient management and intercropping with legumes, then to UC Davis, where she worked on soil health in processing tomato systems. Nicole has conducted on-the-ground agricultural research in wheat, corn, beans, tomatoes, potatoes, and alfalfa and grazing systems, as well as working with Kernza, a new perennial grain crop. Her research revolves around regenerative management approaches to limit synthetic fertilizer use, and optimizing nutrient cycling and soil fertility in organic systems through livestock grazing, use of manure and composts, and rotation with annual and perennial forage crops.

We are very pleased to welcome Nicole to the MFAI team, May 2020!

CV Tautges