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On to Harvest

Now is the time to reap. The seeds we faithfully planted in the spring have produced. The newness and hope of the planting season have given way to a squirrelly feeling of “must finish harvesting before winter is upon us.” Harvest is in the present, in the now; it has a solid feeling to it. This finite amount is all there until the next harvest.

The growing season was full of precipitation and growing degree days. It was warm enough that our 2018 corn planting was consistently ahead of our 2017 planting by a couple of weeks! This warm weather really kept us running and at some point, we started wishing for a hard frost.

Harvest also has a feeling of gratitude. There is a quote by Dolores Huerta, “Honor the hands that harvest your crop.” Without the many hands of our summer and fall field crews and without the hands that persistently repair our combine; we would have a much lighter corn harvest. Thank you. I am grateful.

As the wind becomes fierce, the clouds thicken and what was once green now show hues of ochre, light brown, and yellow; the season begins to change yet again. Autumn has a bit of a transient nature to it, at any fleeting moment, it could turn white to winter.