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Organic Apple Management Workshop

A sold-out crowd of 70 people arrived at Michael Fields bright and early on Friday, March 16 for a day-long workshop on Organic Apple Production, with attention to school gardeners and small growers. Deirdre Birmingham, co-owner of The Cider Farm near Blanchardville, Wisconsin, was the day’s presenter. A co-founder of the Midwest Organic Fruit Growing Network, Birmingham shared 15 years of experience in growing organic apple trees. Participants learned about every aspect of tree management, from choosing disease-resistant apple varieties, to preparing sites to create healthy soil, to organic pest management, to pruning, to grafting, and much more. Participants left happy, and all carried home two apple trees that they had grafted, for planting this spring “Such practical information,” said one.

“Deirdre has a wealth of experience, and I’m very excited to go back and practice some of the techniques she showed us.”

“A wonderful day!”

“I’ve read a lot, but I’ve never quite figured out the disease management. Now I think I know what to do.”