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Pollination for the next generation!

Another summer season, another hot July with a to-do list that literally ran up in the tens of thousands, and just as quickly as it began suddenly it has passed. The corn just loved all of the high night-time temperatures and the hot sunny days, and thankfully we were blessed with some rain; yet we are always looking for more.
What a fantastic field crew this year! I was lucky to be surrounded with such a good group of people many of them interested in careers in agriculture or just outdoor enthusiasts.

Our main focus in the field (and in the lab) is breeding for gametophytic incompatibility. We were busier than bees out in the field, starting first thing in the morning and finishing as dusk was rolling in, to make thousands of pollinations supporting this breeding goal and others.
Next up, Autumn and harvest season where we’ll measure yields, nutritional values, and importantly our work on gametophytic incompatibility. Stay tuned for more progress updates!