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Principles of a Biodynamic Farm

March 18-19th, 2016 Michael Fields Agricultural Institute
Speakers: Fred Kirschenmann, Farmer, Demeter USA Board Member, & Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture ISU
Jim Fullmer, Farmer & Co-Director Demeter USA

There is a growing interest in the marketplace for Biodynamic products and a related need for more Biodynamic farmers in the USA. This 2 day workshop will explore in detail the foundational principles of a Biodynamic farm — the farm as a living and self-sustaining organism — by taking a practical look at applying the following seven principles that make up the foundation of the US Demeter Farm Standard: 1) Biodiversity; 2) Generating fertility out of the living dynamics of the farm; 3) Generating pest control out of the living dynamics of the farm; 4) Biodynamic preparations and wider influences; 5) On-farm water and waterway conservation; 6) Integration of livestock; 7) Gentle post-harvest handling. Come learn how to implement these sustainable practices and tap into the emerging Biodynamic market. This workshop is designed for farmers, retailers and added-value operations interested in implementing Biodynamic production on a commercial scale. (Demeter USA is the only certifier of Biodynamic farm and products).

Fee: $99
To register or for inquiries please write workshops@michaelfields.org or visit www.michaelfields.org.