MFAI’s Comments DATCP Livestock Siting Rule 2019

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Review and Public Comment of the Live Stock Siting Rule

“Last week, MFAI submitted comments to the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection pertaining to the Department’s proposed revisions to Rule ATCP 51, the Livestock Siting Rule. The Livestock Siting Law that passed in 2006 required the law and the corresponding rule to be subject to review and public comment every four years. Unfortunately, this is the first time in 13 years that public hearings have been called. The Institute is pleased that they were called, and we used the opportunity for public comment to share some ways in which we support the proposed revisions, to identify provisions that we oppose, and to suggest some improvements.

For example, MFAI applauds the revisions of the Odor Standard and the inclusion of greater setbacks. MFAI’s Policy Director, Margaret Krome described having been part of the panel that oversaw development of the original rule. “When I saw that the model representing the Odor Standard was actually incapable of failing (a test farm) under any hypothetical circumstances, I realized that the rule as we passed it would certainly need revisions. We strongly support proposed changes to the Odor Standard, including having setbacks determined from neighbors’ property line, regardless of current uses of those properties, and additional setbacks made possible for particularly large proposed facilities. It is overdue to adjust the Odor Standard to remove extraneous elements that currently undermine its efficacy.”

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