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Shepherd’s College Students Learning to Grow

Over the past several years, Michael Fields Agricultural Institute has been honored in the presence of students from Shepherds College (Union Grove, Wisconsin). This association was originally developed by former garden manager Janet Gamble and was continued because of the valuable relationship and experience we expected to gain again this year. We weren’t disappointed.  Beginning September 6 and ending the last week of October, Shepherd’s College third-year student Ray M. came to help once a week in the gardens.  Ray was especially helpful at building our compost piles with Michael Field’s Stella Gardens intern Anna, and harvesting tomatoes with our other long-season intern Sonia.  He also enjoyed cleaning the garden beds, shelling hazelnuts, weeding, harvesting corn and beans, and creating decorations for our farm stand. Shepherd’s College focuses on two vocations: plants and landscaping, and culinary skills, and Ray expects that he will continue either with landscaping or work in a flower shop. Ray follows in the footsteps of Jessica and Brian, who worked in the gardens two years ago. Many thanks to both Ray and Bernie (Ray’s supervisor) and we wish you luck in the future. To learn more about Shepherd’s College, check out …