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Small Socially-Disadvantaged Producer Grant NOFA Announced

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The SSDPG NOFA was published in the Federal Register this morning.  Approximately $3 million is available and the application deadlines are: June 24 for electronic applications and June 30 for paper applications. 

Following are a few pointers to keep in mind:

1.         To qualify for the SSDPG program, applicants must have a board of directors or governing board that is majority-controlled by members of socially disadvantaged groups.  This requirement applies to all applicant types, including cooperative development centers.  Applications that fail to address or meet this requirement will not be considered for funding.

2.         New for FY 14 — The Agency has established annual performance evaluation measures to evaluate the SSDPG program.  Applicants must provide estimates on the following performance evaluation measures as part of their narrative:

•           Number of businesses assisted;

•           Number of cooperatives assisted; and

•           Number of small, socially disadvantaged producers assisted.

3.         The new CFDA number for SSDPG is 10.871.  It previously shared a CFDA number with RCDG.

The SSDPG SharePoint site – https://rd.sc.egov.usda.gov/teamrd/BP/CP/gap/SSDPG/default.aspx  – will be updated today to include the following tools:

2014 Application Template

2014 SSDPG Eligibility Checklist