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Soil Health Innovations Conference Rescheduled

Featured Panel: Soil Carbon & Ecosystem Service Markets

Rescheduled to Monday and Tuesday, March 8-9, 2021

Join NCAT at their upcoming Soil Health Innovations Conference for a rare chance to see four leaders in the Soil Carbon & Ecosystem Service Market! This panel discussion will explore how these markets can help farmers and the environment. Laura Wood Peterson of Indigo Ag, Christophe Jospe of Nori, Bruce Knight of Ecosystem Services Market Consortium, and Lill Erickson of the Western Sustainability Exchange will share their approaches to this complex, ever-evolving opportunity. NCAT Western Office’s Jamie Fanous will be moderating the conversation.

To learn more about the speakers, see the complete agenda, and to register, visit: soilinnovations.ncat.org.

Students Wanted!

The Soil Health Innovations Conference welcomes student participation!  A discounted registration rate is being offered of only $100 for students interested in attending. Any student curious about the latest developments in the field of soil health should register now to join in Bozeman, MT March 8-9, 2021 at Montana State University. This is a great opportunity to network, meet some of the nation’s leaders in soil health, and talk to other students, farmers, and agriculture professionals about this exciting topic.

About the Conference

This inaugural conference will focus on innovations and technologies that serve to address the future of sustainable agriculture through better soil health practices. The goal is to create a learning platform for agriculture producers and educators that incorporates present and future concepts, techniques, and practical applications. These include readapted methods, new technologies, groundbreaking research, market-based demand, or innovative social approaches that encourage and expand improved soil health.

This conference will examine a broad reach of strategies and technologies to enhance soil health. Visit the website, https://soilinnovations.ncat.org/, for a complete list of topics and speakers.

Details and Registration

The conference will be March 8-9,2021 at the campus of Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana, in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

To register and for more information, go to https://soilinnovations.ncat.org/

Organizations, agencies, and individuals who would like to become sponsors of the conference can find information at https://soilinnovations.ncat.org/sponsorship-opportunities/

Exhibitor and vendor information can be found at https://soilinnovations.ncat.org/exhibitor-and-vendors/

For more information, contact Sandra Booth at sandrab@ncat.org.