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A Special Thank You to Michael Fields Supporters

On Tuesday September 30th, 2014 the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute celebrated 30 years of dedication and innovative work supporting sustainable agriculture. Over 100 supporters came to the MFAI offices in East Troy and heard visionary sustainable agriculture champion Fred Kirschenmann offer his poignant thoughts on the past 30 years in the field and what is coming in the next 30 years.

MFAI co-founder Christopher Mann also spoke briefly on the founding vision and inspiration that led to the creation of MFAI and the principles and foundations that sustainable and biodynamic agriculture are built upon.

The staff at Michael Fields want to sincerely thank all of those who took the time to attend the 30th anniversary celebration and for all of our supporters, near and far, who have offered their guidance, time, and resources to this valuable organization over those many years.

We also remember and honor two people who died this year, both of whom helped found Michael Fields and whose vision, support and work have helped Michael Fields become the institution it is today. Martina Mann and Ruth Zinniker grew up in Germany together, and the location of the biodynamic farm of Ruth and her late husband Dick was an influential reason that Martina and Christopher chose to settle nearby and found the Institute in East Troy, Walworth County, Wisconsin. Martina’s vision, sound business and organizational judgment, and endless generosity toward the Institute, and Ruth’s practical experience, wisdom, and diplomacy, especially through her famous rolls, helped nurture Michael Fields for most of its 30 years. They are sorely missed and will not be forgotten by those who cherish the ideals of Biodynamic and sustainable agriculture. Their vision continues to live on in the work of the Institute.

In remembrance:

Martina Mann (August 1930 – April 2014)

Ruth Zinniker (October 1932 – July 2014)

Please see the links below to watch Fred Kirschenmann’s speech from the 30th celebration

Fred Kirschenmann – MFAI 30th Anniversary Speech