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Spring has Sprung in The Gardens

Despite the cooler temps the last few weeks, work has begun here at The Gardens @ Michael Fields. Our first few students have started, the greenhouses have been turned on and seeding has begun! Our germination chambers are working over time getting our seedlings off to a good start. First plantings of brassicas are getting ready to be transplanted outside in April and onions, shallots and leeks are everywhere. This is one of my favorite times of the year. Of course it’s a challenge to dig a path to the greenhouse, hope the water lines aren’t frozen and get things going, but once you do it’s like magic! It can be windy and 19 degrees outside but inside it’s a balmy 65 and sunny. With a little help from the radio the hours seem to fly by. After months inside planning, managing seed orders, and planning some more, it’s so invigorating to be in a warm, sunny place with my hands in the dirt. Even with piles of snow everywhere I know spring will be here shortly and then the season really gets moving!