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The Gardens @ Michael Fields

The Gardens @ Michael Fields is a beautiful 4 + acre organic and biodynamic farm located in East Troy, WI, at Michael Fields Agricultural Institute, a non-profit, 501(c)3.  The Gardens were established in 1984 as a place where community could come together to lead discussions on improving and preserving the quality of our farms and soils.  Since 1997, The Gardens has served as an outdoor classroom dedicated to training the next generation of young farmers, as well as those simply interested in learning about sustainable agriculture.  The focus is on intensive, hands-on, learning that builds knowledge, confidence, passion, and physical strength.  Small scale fields provide an excellent setting for learning about composting, soil fertility and management, hand-sowing, transplanting, cultivating, and harvesting.  All food produced on the farm is sold through our markets, locally and to wholesalers and restaurants.  All of our produce is certified organic; we use no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers on our crops or soils.

The Garden Student Program consists of two tracks:  beginning interns and advanced apprentices.
Students in the Intern Program have little to no experience in farming but have shown a passion for growing food through past experiences and written essays that serve as applications for the program each season.  The Apprenticeship Program focuses on students with at least 1 year of experience on a production farm.  These students know the trials and tribulations that come with small scale farming and still show a passion to continue and to improve the food system around them.  During the course of the growing season emphasis is placed on critical thinking and organization while increasing their skills and knowledge to help each student advance to the next level of their farming experience.  In 2015, The Gardens Student Program is happy to host three full-season apprentices and four interns. In addition to hands-on learning, field trips and workshops, the students assist the garden manager, Christine Welcher, with daily tasks and management as well as marketing at the Farmers’ Markets.

Julie Battaille (Belgium)
Rebecca Wasserman-Olin (Minneapolis)
Tyler Delsart (Green Bay)

Aki Norton (Milwaukee)
David Mroch (East Troy)
Hoà Dao (Vietnam)
Monica Hanson (Waukesha)
Nguyen (Vietnam)
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