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Strauss Brands Environmental Stewardship Commitment

With more than 80 years of experience in restaurants and grocery stores, Strauss Brands offers grass fed and finished beef. Strauss is built around the quality of their meat, the humane treatment of animals and providing environmental sustainability through their growing network of American family farms.

Strauss became a supporter of MFAI in 2017, after learning about our Farmer led Watershed Project. This group of SW Wisconsin Farmers has built relationships with Gulf Fishermen and have enhanced their conservation practices to help protect the Mississippi River from nutrient run off contributing to the dead zone in the Gulf, thus helping to protect the fishermen’s livelihoods. Grass fed rotational grazing significantly reduces erosion, regenerates top soil and helps keep toxic chemicals off our lands and out of our waterways.

If every American household purchased 1LB of American-raised, grass finished beef each week more than a million acres of grasslands could be preserved. Soil and crop nutrients could be kept on our lands and out of our water. Get informed. Learn more about the impact your family can make at 1LBChallenge.com — a consumer awareness campaign designed to educate consumers on the powerful role their purchases can play in restoring America’s vulnerable pasture-based ecosystem.

Thank you Strauss, for your sustainable commitment and support.