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Thank a Farmer this Thanksgiving!

If you are thankful for the food on your table, thank a farmer!

Sometimes, it is easy to forget that all of the food in the grocery store originally came from a farm – sure some of it may be processed, but the raw ingredients came from a farm. Can you imagine a grocery store without farmers?

This Thanksgiving, support sustainable agriculture and donate to Michael Fields today! We need your help educating the next generation of farmers. We need your help to promote responsible public policy in the areas of sustainable agriculture and conservation. We need your help to promote, give, and fund the educational programs and field days, teaching new and seasoned farmers new skills, dispensing new research, and promoting new sustainable farming techniques. We need your help to continue to provide the community with fresh, healthy, organic produce. We need YOU! Help us help farmers feed the world AND leave it a healthier place for the next generation. This Thanksgiving, show you care by making a tax-deductible donation to Michael Fields Agricultural Institute!