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Time to Clean Up

The season has officially come to an end here at The Gardens. My last student left on the 13th, now it’s time to look to the future once again. I’m happy to report I was able to get most of my seeds, my potting mix and even some supplies for the students ordered. Julie and I took quite some time getting through this mess, but we did it! It takes time to inventory the seeds we have left, decide what we are going to grow for next year and how much, and then figure out what needs to be ordered. I’m sure this might sound like I’m complaining but I love it. Each little packet that comes in the mail is not just filled with seeds but with potential.

All our veggies start with these seeds. We order them, store them, then plant them, transplant them, water and weed them before finally harvesting them for our customers. It takes a lot of love and passion but it’s what we want to do. I read somewhere if you find a job you’re passionate about you’ll never work a day in your life. I have found that here and I think most of my students would feel the same way.

The seed packets represent potential not just for the veggies that will grow but also for our crew. The students come each spring a little weakened from the lack of activity during the winter, a little shy and maybe self-conscience of their place in this new location with a new group of people. By the end of the season they have strengthened their bodies, minds and spirits. I guess you could say we plant them as well and watch them grow as well.