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Tyler Delsart, 2015 Garden Apprentice/2014 Garden Intern

Hi! My name is Tyler.

I am 26 years old and this is my second year at Michael Fields Agricultural Institute. To explain a bit about my background, I am a student at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. My focus is Environmental Science. At UW-GB, I helped maintain their laboratory greenhouse and rooftop garden. My green thumb and desire to create and be a part of bio-diverse, sustainable food systems, led me to Michael Fields.

My aim is to learn as much as I can about managing sustainable agriculture, because as we advance as a species, we have some major changes to make about our food systems and our food usage; to be able to feed the world and feed our grand kids. I want to be a part of this change.

This year in, I hope to raise my confidence about farm management, create more value added products and herbal teas for our markets. I’m excited to be back! I feel at home with my toes in the soil and my nose in the flowers.


Tyler Delsart 2015 Garden Apprentice