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Urgent, Simple Action for Farmers to Stop Climate Change

Farmers across the Midwest went to the mat with climate change this year, from a cold and wet spring that slowed or prevented planting, to severe storms that damaged fields and roads, to a soggy fall that impeded harvests, and a lot in between.  Michael Fields Agricultural Institute believes that government action is urgently needed to enact changes to stop the destruction being wrought on ourselves and the rest of our planet due to climate change.

The Institute is a member of the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, which has developed policies addressing climate change.  With other member groups, we are circulating a letter for farmers to sign, “to express deep concerns about climate change impacts on agriculture in the United States and to call for solutions that invest in our rural and agricultural communities.”

This is important action.  If you are a farmer or work with one, please read this letter and consider whether it represents your views and take the minute required to sign it.