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kids and plants

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We Had Visitors!

The Gardens were full of questions, stories and laughter on May 31st as five classes from East Troy’s Prairie View Elementary School paid us a visit. Over 100 students in total toured the gardens and were able to see how food is grown and even got to pick some asparagus and lettuce to try. Before they left, the students had a choice of planting snap peas or green beans to take home and plant in their own gardens.

For the Crew this year, it was wonderful to connect with the students and let them share stories of what they grow at home. It was also fun to have them guess what each plant was. Watermelons must be a favorite because it was the first guess every time.

This summer The Gardens will be opening up for several tours, including 2 Gardens Experiences, where participants will tour the gardens, spend some time working with our crew and then will be treated to a lunch prepared with our veggies by 2 MATC students from Milwaukee’s Dietetics program. Check out our events page for more information: Farm to Table Experience

kids and plants