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What does a just food system look like?

Assistant Policy Director Devon Hamilton was invited to attend the Good Food For All (GFFA) Conference in March hosted by the Union of Concerned Scientists. They met in Washington DC, where Devon had the opportunity to meet with dozens of other food system leaders from across the country working on various different issues around a central theme of equitable and just food systems. Attendees discussed issues from grassroots farm to school initiatives, to the Farm Bill and other food system policies, and everything else in between. We defined a communal definition of what a just food system looks like: “A just, equitable, and sustainable food system is one that provides physical, economic, and community health; regenerates, protects, and respects natural resources and animals; and ensures that all people live with dignity and freedom from oppression and exploitation;” and shared our collective vision for how we get there, bringing those lessons and vision back to our work here at MFAI. We’re excited to continue building relationships made at this conference and foster many more as we move forward.