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Where are they now?


Michael Fields has had a rich tradition of hosting garden students, intern and apprentices; these individuals join us from Wisconsin, the U.S., and from all over the world. It is always such a pleasure to reconnect and find out what we’ve all been up to.

Jérôme LALOUX is originally from France and was working with us in Stella Gardens in 2014.

Update: After Jerome’s study here at Michael Fields, he traveled and then enrolled in a one year formation in France to get an agreement to be farmer (similar to a diploma). He then went to several organic farms to improve his knowledge and practice, lots of farm visits. Organic farming continues to be supported by the politics in his region, Nord pas de Calais (also in France and Europe) because water and pesticide pollution is an important issue. The Nord pas de Calais region and France have different programs to help farmers to convert their farm to organic practices. This past fall, Jérôme has been extremely busy harvesting potatoes at his father’s farm in conditions that have been less than ideal; too dry, then too much rain and muddy. How relatable — the joy of farming! He is also working at an organic farm in his small town, harvesting sweet corn and pumpkins for the BioCoop (organic grocery store).

During November and December, Jerome moved to a biodynamic farm: “La ferme des 3 Buissons,” a nice farm that produces bread, cow meat and canola and sunflowers oil. (http://blogbio.canalblog.com/archives/2008/02/23/8011337.html)  “I fell in love with the farm-made bread, from the grain to the bread… so I want to keep improving my baker’s skills. and I’d like to start producing some bread at my dad’s farm…” As Jerome states, “I’m really into biodynamics now and after MFAI, I discovered that it’s well develop in France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and in the world…I joined a new biodynamic group close to my home (at Amiens) and we started some preps for next year.” Looking toward the future, Jerome has really integrated himself in his father’s farm and plans to take the direction of the farm in 2019. “We started the conversion of 8 hectares into organic and my wish is to have the 52 hectares in organic in 2022. I’m really happy with that and my dad understands me and he wants to change the farm too.”

Jérôme LALOUX resides with his girlfriend Amandine in a small village near Arras, with Pilou (their dog) and Popi (their cat). Amadine has been producing some delicious coulis, jelly and ice cream with fruits.