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How New USDA Risk Management Tools Can Help Diversified Producers – Webinar and Resources

Watch this webinar and learn how the new USDA Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) can help cover economic losses due to weather or low market prices. By tying coverage to revenue and diversification, the streamlined application and whole farm coverage is more attractive to farms of all sizes. Organic and specialty crop producers, including those who grow canning crops or direct-market, stand to particularly benefit from this program but WFRP is useful for all types of diversified cash grain and/or livestock producers.

The Michael Fields Agricultural Institute believes this program is significant to diversified producers because of the flexibility and ease of use it offers to covering multiple crops and livestock under one policy as well as the incentives it creates to increase diversity on existing farming operations.

MFAI’s Policy Program Director Margaret Krome notes that “Wisconsin has a very diversified agricultural sector, and many producers have long wished for risk management tools that allowed them to diversify. RMA’s new Whole Farm Revenue Protection program not only allows diversification but actually increases premium subsidies for more enterprises on a farm!”

Hosted by Michael Fields Agricultural Institute and the Midwest Organic Sustainable Education Service (MOSES).

Sign-up deadline in Wisconsin is March 15, 2016 so learn more and sign-up today!



Download the PowerPoint Presentation HERE

Whole Farm Revenue Protection – Additional Resources and Materials

Resources to sign up for Whole Farm Revenue Protection(WFRP):
WFRP Fact Sheet (August 2015):
Risk Management Agency WFRP FAQ’s (August 2015):

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