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Why MFAI Loves Small Grains – a Short Video

The website for southwest Wisconsin’s Uplands Watershed Group, for which MFAI serves as the fiscal agent and coordinator, recently featured a new video about small grains such as barley, oats, wheat, and rye.  No surprise that MFAI would make it a priority for our talented staffer, Donale Richards, to film and produce it.  For over thirty years, MFAI has been conducting research on small grains and extolling their value to conservation value and financial enterprise diversity.  We were excited that Donale captured moments from Uplands’ “Grain Chain” farm tour, held in the summer of 2019 and caught up with farmers like MFAI Board members and organic grain farmers John and Halee Wepking, plant breeder Dr. Julie Dawson at UW-Madison, and baker Kirk Smock with Origin Breads in Madison, and June Russell, a New York policy advocate for small grains.