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WiBee: The Wisconsin Wild Bee App

Are you interested in learning about and collecting data on the bee community pollinating vegetable blooms on your farm? The Gratton Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has a new smartphone app for growers to help collect data on wild bee pollination. The abundance and diversity of wild bee communities varies from farm-to-farm, making local data necessary for understanding the abundance and contribution of local pollinators. Our research team cannot visit every farm at once, so we designed a smartphone app tool and are inviting growers to help us study wild bee pollination by completing a series of 5-minute bee surveys during a crop bloom. At this time of year, we’re encouraging growers to survey bee on cucumber, squash and melon crops.

Interested growers can download WiBee: The Wisconsin Wild Bee App on their smartphone from the App Store or the Google Play Store. Once you begin completing bee surveys, you can also explore your own data within the app and track changes in pollinator activity over time. As a thank you for your participation this year, we’re also offering a $50 incentive to Wisconsin growers who complete a series of bee surveys. Learn more about the project at www.pollinators.wisc.edu/wibee and connect with us at pollinators@wisc.edu with any questions or feedback.

To explore the statewide citizen science data collected so far this growing season, check out our WiBee Data Dashboard: https://data-viz.it.wisc.edu/wibee/