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Wisconsin Women Championing Conservation

Michael Fields is excited to announce a new project to help women farmers and landowners engage robustly in conservation management of their land.  The Natural Resources Conservation Service recently awarded the Institute and our partners a 3-year contract to work with cohorts of women farmers and landowners in four regions of Wisconsin.  Led by MFAI’s Research Agronomist, Esther Shekinah, the project will build on past work undertaken by many of our partners, such as the Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Services (MOSES), Renewing the Countryside, Wisconsin Farmers Union, Women Food and Agriculture Network, and others.

In four regions of the state, we will form cohorts of women participants, who will learn conservation and share experiences, network within themselves and a mentor locally, get technical help about many different conservation practices, strategies, and resources, develop a conservation plan for their farm, and learn to navigate different agencies to implement conservation programs.  We have not yet identified the specific counties and communities in which we’ll be working, but if you or a farmer you work with is interested, please feel free to let us know by contacting MFAI’s Conservation Policy Associate, Alejandra Hernandez, at ahernandez@michaelfields.org.

This is important work that MFAI has long valued and sought to advance. Brava, Esther, for moving it forward!