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Year of the Monarch

One of the great things about being a certified organic farm is that we are required by law to “maintain or improve the natural resources of the operation, including soil and water quality.” Natural resources in this context means the “physical, hydrological, and biological features of a production operation, including soil, water, wetlands, woodlands, and wildlife.”

Every year is different, but this year was a great year to support the habitat of the monarch! The farm was full of monarch butterflies this year. This year we allowed some areas to grow up that are typically mowed, and we were delighted to find milkweed in abundance. The monarchs flew in full force and seemed delighted by the food supply and each other’s company. Before long there were monarch caterpillars chewing away and expanding by the day! Long gone now, they are onto warmer weather, hopefully overwintering in southwestern Mexico.




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